Sunday, March 06, 2005

No Wonder the Lakers Suck!

March 6th, 2005

Here's what I have to say about LA. LA SUCKS!! That city is ghetto, and dirty, and public transportation makes sure that you leave LA with less hair than you came with (because you pull it out in frustration...wasn't sure everybody got that). It took me THREE HOURS to get from the airport to the audition site, and that was on a supposedly "express" bus. The only thing express about it was the "expresso" the bus driver calmly drank while driving 15 miles per hour in a 35 mph zone. ARGH!!!!

My audition was at 10:10 am. I arrived in the building at 10:02 am, sweaty and out of breath because the bus dropped me off 3/4 of a mile away (it was the closest it got). Didn't have time to do a good warmup, so I just played a few notes, then zoomed up to the audition room. I got there just as they were calling my name.

Then I kicked butt. Hopefully it was good enough to at least get on the sublist. The orchestra I auditioned for was the New World Symphony (check them out at, which would be such a cool gig to have for next year. As for my never-ending quest to reach a decision on where to go next year, I'm still equally divided between Phoenix and Austin. Depends what each school offers me. Hell, I just want money.

The phrase "money can't buy happiness" should be followed by the phrase "just kidding". I have more to say about other stuff, but I was told each blog entry is supposed to be about one subject. Actually, this entry technically has two subjects, although they're related. Oh yeah, I'm such a rebel...sticking it to the man! Err....So join me next time, only at the WEBLOG AT THE END OF THE INTERNET!!


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