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The Adventurers, Ch. 6

November 10th, 2005

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They weren't free just yet. They had to hide.

"Okay, everybody. Split up, hide, and meet at the statue after dark. That's when the train leaves." said Curtis.

Jerry knew why they were splitting up. If they stayed together, they'd make a real sight. Seven kids in ragged clothing would be noticed a mile away. The police would have no trouble finding them.

So everybody split up in two's and three's. Beau and Curtis took off down a narrow dirt path, and John and Justin walked down a canal, and Alex tagged along with Jerry and Jason. Jerry had no idea were they could hide for a whole day.

"Where should we go?" he asked Jason.

"Don't know." he said.

Alex looked like he had no ideas either, so Jerry didn't ask him.

They wandered around for a little while, trying to remain unnoticed by the townspeople. But, since this was a small town and everybody knew each other, people asked them who they were. Jerry always answered, "Just passing by." Nobody accepted that brief answer and they persisted. Soon they had a small crowd of boys and girls following them and wanting to know where they were going. Jerry, Jason, and Alex just ignored them. Then a voice from the back of the crowd piped up.

"Hey, that's the guy who got put in jail for stealin' purses."

Everybody went crazy, wanting to know what it was like in jail. Jason shoved them away.

Jason told Jerry, "Man, they're gonna get us caught. We gotta ditch 'em."

"Yeah, you're right." said Jerry. "I just hope none of them run that fast. We'll have to split up again, that way they'll get confused. On the count of three. One. Two. Three."

Jerry took off like a bullet, piercing through the crowd. Some kids tried to catch him but gave up once they saw how fast he was going, so they went after the slowest one...Alex. Jerry turned around with the intention of distracting the others and give Alex time to hide.

"Hey you." Jerry shouded. Somebody turned. "Yeah, you. Your momma's so fat that, when she falls off her bed, she falls off from both sides at the same time."

The kid was furious. He charged at Jerry like a mad bull. The others that were after Alex turned and ran towards Jerry, sensing a fight.

Alex was now out of sight and Jerry turned to run, but, to his surprise, he was surrounded by kids blocking his way. when he tried to push through them, they grabbed him and pulled him back towards the enraged boy.

Jerry had no other choice but fight. He turned around just in time to dodge the bigger boy's heavy punch. Jerry moved to the side and hit the boy in the chest. The boy looked stunned, then doubled up and fell on the ground, gasping for air and sobbing. Everybody gave a great shout and slapped Jerry on the back, contratulating him. They asked his name again and this time Jerry gave it to them. They treated him like a celebrity, calling him "One Punch Jerry".

Just then, a policeman came hurrying in, attracted by the commotion. He took Jerry by the shoulders.

"Hey, wait a minute." Jerry said. "I haven't done anything wrong."

"Pipe down, you little plumb weasel." barked out the officer.

Then a tiny voice piped up, "Hi there, Sheriff."

"Hallo there, young fella." He obviously recognized the voice. "What are ya doing way out here."

"Heck, Sheriff, can't a boy have a little fun once in a while? Listen, Sheriff sir, this boy here hasn't done nobody no harm. Except for that no good bully."

"It's not what he's done here, Sonny, it's what he's plumb done over at poor Sammy's market. He and some other plumb snatchers stole a plumb cart full of plumb food. There ain't no one in this plumb country that can plumb steal and get away with it as long as I'm in this plumb position as plumb Sheriff."

"It weren't him, Sheriff. He's been with us all week. His Ma sent him here to live with Aunt Jill."

"With Aunt Jill!"

"Yes sir, Sheriff sir."

The rest of the kids nodded their heads and said "yeses" and "all weekses" and "it wasn't himses".

The Sheriff looked from one face to the other, muttering about plumb kids always plumb lying about plumb nothing.

"Well if this here is plumb true, then I'd better plumb march over to Aunt Jill's plumb farm and tell her that this plumb boy here, " he motioned to the boy still on the ground, "plumb ran smack into this other plumb boy's plumb fist."

The kids all shouted no.

The Sheriff grinned, "Now whyever not."

They all looked at one another, worriedly.

"Nevermind." Said one kid. "Forget we said it. Go ahead and take him to see Aunt Jill."

The Sheriff's smile dropped and was replaced by a scowl.

He said, "Now listen here you little rascals. I ain't gonna go over and disturb that nice little lady with this nonsense." When the Sheriff stopped saying "plumb", it meant he was really angry. "And I intend to take this boy here back where he belongs. And I don't really care what you think of me. And I'm leaving."

And with that, the Sheriff turned to leave, half dragging Jerry behind him.

"Wait!" cried the same boy. "Here comes Aunt Jill."

[end of Chapter 6]


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