Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Missing Link

February 22nd, 2006

There's no question about it anymore...I have an obssessive personality. About certain things, anyway. I seem to go through phases. My current obssessive phase is learning the Irish Whistle (also known as the pennywhistle). Every second of free time that I have, I pick up the whistle and goof around with it. It's so fun, I just can't put it down!!!

And what unusual circumstances brought me to this instrument? The correct answer here would be Ebay, my recently dropped obssession. I went through a 2-week long shopping binge, where I bid on random items such as a Civil War World Almanac, a 1905 upright piano, a Dr. Beat DB88 metronome, a children's book, Cowboy Bebop DVD's, a bagpipe chanter, a Paul Grimm oil painting, and a bass guitar. I didn't win all of the items, and I'm glad because the Grimm painting would have substantially set me back financially. I think I was the only person who bid on the painting that was actually hoping to be outbid.

And how did I get into the whole Ebay thing? Through my juggling obssession phase, of course. Over the Christmas break I took up juggling for hours on end...every day for a month. When I returned to Phoenix I was left with no juggling balls (because the ones I was using belonged to the family), and so I started using oranges and lemons. I realized pretty quickly that fruits don't take well to getting dropped on the floor 10,000 times. After several days of cleaning up juice from my floor, I decided to go on Ebay and search for juggling balls.

So, in case you missed it: JUGGLING ==> EBAY ==> IRISH WHISTLE ==> ??????


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