Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Finally, the decision has been made...

March 22nd, 2005

Thanks for all who voted! I didn't think so many people actually read my blog. For a while there I thought I was just talking to myself. Talking to myself can get kind of boring, because I already know what I'm going to say.

Anyway, this entry is about the decision I made just about 30 minutes ago...about where I'm going next year. I was completely split between Phoenix and Austin, and finally gave up and left it to my poll just below here. So if "Phoenix" and "Austin" were the names of two racehorses, this is how the sports announcer would have called the race:

"And they're off! Phoenix takes a COMMANDING lead! What's wrong with Austin, it seems to just be walking out of the box. Phoenix surges ahead with 5 votes, and Austin at the moment only has one pity vote. It doesn't look good for Austin. But wait a minute! Phoenix seems to have gone off the path and has now fallen asleep on the grass. Austin is suddenly building up momentum and is quickly catching up! Wow look at Austin go! Now Austin is in the lead, 6 - 5! Phoenix has just realized that Austin has passed him, and suddenly bolts to its feet and dashes after Austin. But it doesn't seem to be helping. Austin has really picked up momentum, and it looks like nothing will be able catch up to it now. But wait, the votes for Austin are slowing, and now Phoenix is dead even with Austin! Who would have expected. Wow, what a race...it's lived up to the hype and more! As we near the home stretch, it's anybody's game. Just one extra vote will win the race by a nose. And here they come, what a finish! And it seems like...could it be?...YES! Phoenix wins the race after a huge burst of votes in the final few seconds of the race! Final score, 11 - 10 to Phoenix! This will certainly go down in history as one of the closest and most exciting races of the millenium. Back to you Bob."

So yes, I'm going to Phoenix. And to those of you wanting me to go to Austin, let me explain. ASU offered me the following: basically full tuition + $6,000 TA (teaching assistant) position + $3,000 cash award. Holy cow! Is there anybody stupid enough not to accept an offer like that? Well, actually I'm stupid enough, but thankfully I had a good buddy with good advice on this one. Thanks Andy. Austin would have been pretty cool too, and they offered me a good deal also (but not as good), but I had to choose the better of two good things. I hope all you Austin Hopefuls understand.

And to all the Phoenix Supporters...I have one word for you guys: GERONIMO!!!


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