Saturday, May 14, 2005

As I was walking out the front door of my house to do a gig, I happened to glance down at the floor, and was completely surprised to find myself on the verge of stepping on a huge turtle! It was a deep green, about the size of a football. Apparently it had crawled to the house from the lake across the road. I can just imagine such a cool story about this turtle: The Rogue Turtle who didn't fit into the slow routine of normal daily turtle life. So it decided to take matters into its own [paws?] and left the safe haven of Lake Dobson to find adventure and travel the world (in this case, my neighborhood). I guess my part of the story is when it meets and befriends a savage giant living in a cave. I really wanted to take a picture of him/her/it, but didn't have time just then. I waited till I came back from my gig ($200 richer), but by that time it had moved on to bigger and more dangerous adventures. So to the Rogue Turtle, I bid you well and good luck finding what you're looking for.

I used to say that one of my pet peeves was old lady drivers. Those who can barely see above the steering wheel, and whose eyesight is so bad that they have to tilt their heads back and squint all the time. But today I was driving and stopped at a red light right next to one of these old lady drivers. True, she was slow and turned on her right blinker before turning left and cut off some guy behind her. But at the red light she looked so cute...I had to take a picture. And before you ask (or after, in Shona's case), she's not flipping someone off...she's just shading her eyes from the sun.

Old Lady Driving Next to Me Posted by Hello


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