Friday, June 03, 2005

Dream Log #1: The "Excellent Adventure" Dream

June 3rd, 2005

Begin Dream Log #1

I'm riding in the middle row of a van, apparently with a bunch of people my age. One of the guys behind me is called Ted. How do I know this? Everybody is talking to him and saying, "Ted, hey Ted", "Yo, Ted", "Ted, man", "Ted". So there's no mistaking it, this guy's name is Ted.

When I turn around and see his face, I am suddenly 100% sure that I've seen him before. But where? Where do I know this guy from? It's pretty obvious he doesn't remember me, so I say, "So....Ted." Everybody goes quiet and listens intently to my next words. I'm trying to think of a way to tactfully ask him if I know him from somewhere. I say, " ah....Ted, what's your last name?"

Ted seems to be confused by the question. He scratches his chin and he cocks his head to the side. Then he says, "Well, I'll tell ya. That's kind of a complicated question." Then his face brightens up and he says, "But yes. I am that Ted from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure."

Except it wasn't Ted, it was Bill!! I recognized him immediately from the movie. It all fit: surfer dude accent, curly blonde mop on his head, idiot expression on his face....

And that's all I remember. Or maybe the dream ended there. Dreams are funny that way. If you don't write it down just after you wake up, you forget basically everything. Since I have weird dreams basically every night, I've made it a habit to repeat the dream in my head as soon as I wake up, that way at least a few details will remain in my mind.

End Dream Log #1


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