Monday, July 11, 2005

Thought of the Week No.2

July 11th, 2005

No. 2: I know that with all the tropical storms coming through here I should really invest in an umbrella. But I have so much fun running from tree to tree, from shelter to shelter, that it would be a crime against my sense of adventure to spend $10 on a cheap umbrella. Therefore, I shall remain umbrella-less and [cue the heroic music] I will face the rain on my own terms: with Courage and Defiance...mano a mano. Garrrrr!!!!!!


Blogger Eek! said...

Would it even be any fun if you didn't get to run in it? The answer is no, it wouldn't. I'm with you, no umbrellas. Boycot umbrellas. Anyway, it's time for you to come back now. Online is just not the same without you!

9:09 PM  

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